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Reflections - T-Shirt

A heavyweight garment in true black, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “Reflections of a Fundamentally Unwell Society”. 

As the title artwork it encapsulates the overall concept and mood of this collection both in the caption and in the image, serving as a centrepiece for the collection. The title, Reflections of a Fundamentally Unwell Society, explores the idea that the core ideas and design of the systems we take part and live within, are essentially damaging to humans and cause more harm than good, creating an unwell society.

Within this image, we find ideas of dystopia, collapse and disconnect. An absence of any population creates the idea that this world has been abandoned, and with empty windows and clusters of discarded technology, something has clearly gone wrong. The AI has also directly interpreted the concept of reflection, creating elements of symmetry within parts of the composition which in turn creates a more jarring element of asymmetry, furthering the disconnect.


Please note, this garment is print on demand, as such orders may take up to five days to be fulfilled before being shipped.

Reflections - T-Shirt


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