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Materialsim - T-Shirt

A midweight garment in pure white, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “Materialism and hedonism in the place of purpose and identity”.

This graphic focuses on the idea that the desire for material wealth and the hedonistic tendencies of consumerism has supplanted peoples concept and desire for identity and purpose. Oftentimes success in a default sense is viewed as wealth, possessions and fame, but for most people this idea of success is not what they really want, whether they realise it or not. These ideas then fail to fulfil somebody who is not truly driven by these goals and can leave them feeling hollow, even when they achieve these goals.

Within the image we find all kinds of abstract ideas of hedonism, with some elements of materialism. Ideas of sex, alcohol and money can be found in the design, alongside at TV at the bottom left, and an approximate air of luxury and excess to the whole image.

Materialsim - T-Shirt


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