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Greed - Hoodie

A heavyweight garment in bottle green, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “Greed and lust for power are the facilitators of all evil”

This explores the idea that often within power structures, particularly political ones, that those who seek money and power will allow anything to happen to acquire these things. Oftentimes when we watch politicians in interviews we see them as incompetents, when in reality they are playing a very different game to maintain power, instead of to do a good job. In this sense, their desires allow for all kinds of suffering to take place, facilitating evil.

The images itself depicts a monstrous figure casting a malicious look on a small figure on the lower right. Clearly the main entity is evil and represents the greed, lust for power and evil itself, whilst the small figure may represent a victim of such evil, or perhaps the small conscience of the entity, dwarfed by the desires that corrupt it.


Please note, this garment is print on demand, as such orders may take up to five days to be fulfilled before being shipped.

Greed - Hoodie


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