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Glory to Ukraine - T-Shirt
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Infrastructure will no longer silently watch as the blight of war plagues Ukraine and other countries around the world.
Infrastructure will now release the Glory to Ukraine t-shirt in order to support the war effort in Ukraine and ensure that one mans delusions of a new Soviet Union never become reality.
100% of profits from the sale of this garment will be donated to charities that assist in the war effort for Ukraine and in humanitarian charities that provide aid in a global sense. 75% of these profits will go to Army SOS, a charity that assists in the purchase of lethal and non-lethal aid for the Ukrainian Army. 25% of the profits will go to War Child, a specialist charity dedicated to protecting and aiding children in times of war by strengthening child protection services, providing psychological help as well as education.

On the front of this garment sits the flag of Ukraine and underneath written in Ukrainian are the words Glory to Ukraine. On the back read the words Sovereignty, Democracy, Peace. This garment features no Infrastructure branding. This garment is made to order and is printed on a fashion quality blank. Please allow additional time for your order to be manufactured before shipping.

Glory to Ukraine - T-Shirt