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Education - Hoodie

A heavyweight garment in french navy, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “In the absence of education, independent thought is extinguished”.

This graphic explores the concept that that the general public are not educated on how to think, (how to learn, how to consider and argue an idea, and how to let go of an idea) alongside how the world works, comprising approximately of politics, democratic structures, voting, economics, systems thinking, a full understanding of your country, as well as potential variants of the existing system (capitalism vs anarchism etc). The absence of this education means the general population does not have a true understand of what it actually wants. What it wants does not matter, it could be anything, but the knowledge to form that opinion is absent. Therefore, truly independent thought is extinguished.

The image itself is abstract, with elements of nature, thought, and the mind. Centrally we see a stone-like brain, implying that without education the brain “turns to stone”.


Please note, this garment is print on demand, as such orders may take up to five days to be fulfilled before being shipped.

Education - Hoodie


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