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Desolation - T-Shirt

A midweight garment in french navy, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “When nothing is promised, those who must do whatever it takes to survive will do just that, without a care for the world tomorrow”.


Centering on the concept that capitalism is incompatible with Mazlow’s

Hierarchy (The structure and order of human desires) and as such people will only care about issues that affect their horizon. In practical terms, if people can only afford to eat through using fossil fuels, they won’t care about climate change. In the long term this causes huge damage to society, as short term horizons to fulfil basic needs can completely warp the long term shape of society as people are forced to do anything it takes to survive


Within this image we see a run-down neighbourhood, full of litter and homes in disrepair, as people seem to pick through the litter to find whatever they can, epitomising economic suffering.

Desolation - T-Shirt


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