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Cynicism - T-Shirt

A midweight garment in deep brown, featuring a central print that was generated using the caption “Failures of state create distrust and cynicism, as such leading to helplessness and nihilism”.

This design explores the principal that when the state failes to deliver on its promise, the general public lose faith in government and demmocracy and as such disengage from the process, further increasing the likelihood that the state will fail them again, creating a feedback loop that damages democracy. The result of this can often lead the public to belive that no matter what, things will never change, bringing foward feelings of distrust and helplessness.

Within the image, we see a hazy depiction of a government building with a clear yet distorted face in the foreground. It could be implied that as the building fades, the face becomes clearer, representing how the feedback loop takes hold. Alongside this, the greyscale colour pallet clearly creates a miserable atmosphere, cementing the tone of the image.


Please note, this garment is print on demand, as such orders may take up to five days to be fulfilled before being shipped.

Cynicism - T-Shirt


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