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Collapse - Hoodie

A heavyweight garment in true black, featuring a central print that was generated based on the caption “Total blindness risks total collapse of civilisation”.

This explores the idea that the general lack of awareness about the state of global warming puts us in a position that will most likely seriously damage the world and alter the course of human history. 1.5°C of global warming is considered to be the “safe limit” of climate change. Currently the UN has stated that there is “No clear path to meet 1.5°C”, effectively guaranteeing an uncertain future for humanity, due to political inaction. Fossil fuels are on average 9x more expensive than renewables right now, yet we continue to use them en masse, often under the guise of economic preference. In the course of our own lifetimes, if we continue to use fossil fuels as we are today, we would exceed 4°C of warming, which could cost up to 5 billion lives as the Earth becomes uninhabitable.

The image itself shows a desolate world inhabited by people in total ruin, clearly showing a collapsed world following climate disaster. A stark warning for our potential future.


Please note, this garment is print on demand, as such it may take up to five days for orders to be fulfilled before being shipped.

Collapse - Hoodie


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